5 habits of wearing underwear that are wrong and disturbing health

Everyone must wear underwear in their daily life. What is used from day to day can be different, both from the type, model, color, size, the material. So, are you sure how to wear your underwear the right way? In fact, some of these habits are often done without realizing it, which can actually damage your health. 

1. Wear hot underwear 

The best underwear material is one that is cool, breathable, and absorbs sweat, like cotton. The material of hot and synthetic underwear will actually trap sweat on the surface of the skin in the intimate area. Over time, the skin that is kept moisturized will become a place for the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause infection. 

2. Wear pants too tight 

Wearing underwear that is too tight will also trap sweat on the surface of the skin of your sex organs and keep it moist. 

In addition, the direct friction between the fabric and the skin that occurs continuously will make the groin easily scuffed, sore, and irritated. 

Especially in menopausal women who also experience thinning of the vaginal skin. The effect will be even more painful. 

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3. Wear Some Shapewear that fits  

Shapewear is a new type of corset, the difference is that shapewear does not only focus on the stomach, but can also lift the breasts and buttocks. The use of shapewear will form a more proportionate silhouette of the body from the top to the bottom. By using this shapewear, you don’t need to be afraid that your stomach will look bloated when you wear clothes.

4. Wearing High Waist trainer

Well, besides using a shapewear, you can also use a high waist. High waist is a trouser model with a high waist, usually used above the stomach. Pants with this style will hold the stomach from sagging so that it will automatically look flatter. However, this high waist is only good to use when combined with a cardigan and the shape of the waist is not too big. If you have a waist that is too large, you can try best waist trainer from Loverbeauty to make your body look fuller and shorter.

5. Wear the same underwear is more than healthy 

Even though it looks clean, not changing your underwear regularly every day can cause you to develop skin infections. 

A warm, humid environment is the perfect place for mold to grow. Therefore, you must change your underwear regularly at least twice a day so that your sex organs are always completely dry. 

To be healthier for your stomach, make sure you use the best tummy control panties. 

Especially for people who sweat a lot. The stomach and groin area can get wet and moist more easily. If you don’t wear new, clean underwear, the fungus might grow faster. 

6. Wear oversized underwear 

If your underwear is sagging many times even though it only moves a little, it means that your underwear is too big. Choose a garment that fits properly but is not too tight.