Easy Tips to Teach Your Children to Count

Every parent would want their children to be smart. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are fundamental skills in learning a child must master.

Unfortunately, teaching children to count is not an easy matter. The reason is, children might get easily confused. So, what should parents do?

How to teach children to count

Generally, children learn to count when entering kindergarten. However, even if your child is three years old, parents should start to teach children about numbers and counting. Usually, children start to be good at counting at the age of 4 years.

Teaching children to count could be easy if you do it in a simple and fun way. Here’s a simple way to teach your children:

• Using fingers

One way to start teaching children to count is by using their fingers. You can ask your child to show how old he is using his fingers. For example, for a three-year-old child, ask him to show three fingers while counting “one, two, three.”

Then, you can ask your child to show 4, 5, or even ten fingers while counting. By using this simple model, over time, the child will begin to understand the concept of counting.

• Counting objects around

Counting objects around children can help them understand the concept of arithmetic, especially addition and subtraction. You can ask your child to count the number of dishes at the dinner table. After that, you can add or take the plate and ask them to count again.

• Put up poster numbers

Putting up number of posters can help children learn to count. The child will see the poster every day so that it encourages him to learn. Choose a colorful poster or a picture of your favorite cartoon character.

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