The Benefits of Website Translation

Any business or corporation with global ambitions cannot realistically believe that they can cater to the entire world by having a website in just one language. Thankfully the majority of them don’t believe that, which is why the demand for website translation services is one of the most in demand services in the entire translation industry.

It is the potential to crack the lucrative markets of the world that is usually the prime motivator for those who pay premium for website translations. Research has shown that the length of visit times to websites by native speakers of the site’s language overshadows the visits times of speakers to websites in languages foreign to them by a ratio of 2:1, and the longer the length of visits, the higher sales conversion rates are going to be. Website translation professionals translate the text and localise all elements including colours and images, which not only benefits customers on a practical level, but also builds trust with them by showing they are prepared to go all out and make the effort to adapt to the market in question.

Valuable search engine optimisation benefits also stem from website translation. The whole localisation process is shaped for this as well as for a means of building a strong brand-consumer relationship. Web content that results in a website ranking highly on global search engines may not have the same effect with more local search engines, where a high percentage of overseas consumers will be seeking products and services. Whatever the type of search engine, 90{f1c73935b7491d4982daa1b51b59728061d1cba7236380ec9ce3657e6002a507} of all Internet users do not look beyond the first two pages of results for any search. Getting in that top 20 will give any company a significant edge over their competitors in relation to conquering a foreign market.

SEO and getting on the same wavelength with a foreign target marker come together overall to make capitalise fully on the advantages of a website translation. It is SEO that drives the traffic, before a meticulous and thoroughly researched localisation process draws website visitors into a comfort zone upon arrival at the translated website. An expanded and satisfied customer base can increase revenue to previously unimaginable extremes.