Tips for Implement Bilingualism in Early Childhood

Did you know that in this increasingly modern era, language acquisition becomes very important? We, as parents, definitely need to prepare our baby in this dynamic era. One of them is to prepare our baby to be bilingual. Here are important tips for parents:

Don’t Speak Using Baby Language

In the first year of his life, the baby can’t speak any word. However, this period is essential in building the foundation of language. You need to know that babies have been processing language structure since year 1.

When you ask him to communicate, there is a part of the brain of the baby that regulates speech. The more words they hear, the more the brain develops to stimulate your child. Children who are familiar with two or more languages ​​at birth will be more receptive to the language well.

Father and Mother also Must Speak Two Languages

The most important thing from learning this language is to get children exposed to two languages ​​at the same time. It is essential for children so that they can distinguish between these two languages. When you speak to your kid in the national language, your partner should talk to your kid in another language.

You Must Be Fluent First

One thing for sure, you, as a parent, must be fluent in foreign languages ​​first. However, if you are not fluent enough but still want to make your child bilingual, you don’t need to worry. You can take courses first and then you can study together with your children. This way, you can simultaneously study with children. Show your enthusiasm for language to your child.

Enrolling Children in International Schools

Currently, international schools offer a variety of superior programs, one of which is the mastery of foreign languages. It can be an option for you to expose foreign languages ​​to your baby. International schools in Bangkok with a conducive school environment and support foreign language learning will greatly help children to master languages ​​bilingual and even multilingual. You can access the information through